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Our Services

We help you get the business results that you want, and that you are capable of.  For start-up and early-stage businesses, we help you setup your business correctly, plan your success and grow responsibly.  For mid-sized businesses, we help you fine tune your sales, operations, customer service and finances so you can ensure you maximize your profitability.  For all businesses, we help business owners get the security and piece of mind that comes from continuously improving their business, and building a profitable business that works well when you are there - and when you are not.

Life Coaching

Business Coaching

Most businesses eventually fail because of a lack of execution.  An experienced business coach can provide you the guidance and accountability you need to not only plan, but also execute your success.  As a highly experienced financial professional and leader, Keith knows how to help you build a program and make changes that provide exactly what you and your team need to help your company achieve it’s best possible results, while you experience your best possible life.

Business Valuation & Transition

We help you business a business that is valuable today, and will last in the future.  You invest your time and your money in your business.  We help you ensure the actions you and your staff take, and the money you spend, helps you achieve the lifestyle you want today, and business which is a valuable asset for you tomorrow.  Whether you plan to sell your business, or eventually transition it to someone else, we help you build a business that is attractive to buyers and sustainable for the future.

Keynote Speaker

Getting results often involves new ideas and ways of thinking.  In a fun way, Keith shares his experience and business knowledge in an way that motivates and inspires you and your team to work together at the very highest level.    

Business Formation, Fractional CFO, Accounting & Tax

The secret to growing without becoming exhausted is developing systems which will allow your business to run smoothly, while avoiding pitfalls.  Whether it's business registration, tax or bookkeeping, we help you grow securely at every stage of your business.  We also provide interim CFO and CEO services when your leadership is in or preparing for transition.

Getting the Life You Want

We all got into business for a reason, and it wasn't to work non-stop and live a life of burnout.  We help you build a business which gives you what you want, rather than getting in the way of what you want.  A business which helps you prioritize the activities and people who are important to you, and provides for you to be able to do the things you enjoy, and support the causes you believe in.  We believe you have a God given destiny and we are here to help you fulfill it.

Business Coaching
Formation, Bookkeeping, Tax
Business Value & Transtion
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